Zapped! Keychain RFID Detector

Preemptive Media has engineered a keychain that rings when a RFID reader is within range and scanning the airwaves for your data. Learn to build this keychain at a Preemptive Media Zapped! workshop.

Since 2004, Preemptive Media has conducted Zapped! workshops in New York, San Francisco and Houston. Contact Preemptive Media if you want to run a Zapped! workshop in your home town.

Zapped! Keychain circuit board, San Francisco, January, 2005

Zapped! Workbook

The Preemptive Media workbook tells the RFID story through a series of colorful puzzles, exercises and games. Complete the workbook and earn your Zapped! RFID Scout certificate. The workbook is fun for all ages! See some sample pages (pdf files): 1 2 3 4 .

Umbrella journal says: "Witty and well designed as a teaching tool, this workbook provides information about surveillance, tracking and information collected using RFID technology along with exercises, true and false quizzes, and much more. As you go through the exercises, you realize that you are being taken on a journey."


Zapped! Workbook, Third Edition, 2005

Zapped! Madagascan Jam & Hissing Roach

If a Zapped! warning sticker is not pesty enough for you, then Preemptive Media has designed a new kind of roach species capable of inserting short messages into RFID databases. Madagascan Jam & Hissing roaches are related to Gromphadorhina Portentosa, but--unlike their wild relatives--these friendly creatures carry a reprogrammed RFID tag on their back. Sleeping during the day and hunting at night, the Madagascan Jam and Hissing Roach makes an ideal data courier for those hard to reach places.

Zapped! Madagascan Jam & Hissing Roach

Zapped! Video

The Zapped! video tells the history of RFID technology and describes some of its more unusual uses. The video illustrates how to use Zapped! devices that let you creatively interact with RFID systems that may cross your path.

Watch the video on Vimeo. Running time is ten minutes.

Zapped! Video

Zapped! Map of Tokyo

Preemptive Media visited Tokyo, Japan, in September 2005 and investigated current RFID usage there. This map documents what we found. Japanese RFID apps are pretty different than what we see in the US!


[Special thanks to Shin'ichi Konomi for his advice and his informative blog RFID in Japan.]

Zapped! in Tokyo, 2005
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