How We Use the It:

*VIEW LIVE TRANSACTIONS: We can see exactly who is entering the bar on the PC screen when IDs are swiped. We can program alerts like, "This person started a fight last week. Don't admit. " Our database can also be networked with other bars to increase our knowledge base.

*MARKETING: We are generating customized mailing lists and labels.

*STREAMLINE: We can export data for use in any other application.

*DEMOGRAPHICS: We analyze transaction data for customer statistics and demographics. This makes us more efficeint (we can stock the bar with what you want, when you want it). We better understand you, our customer base, and can anticipate your needs.

*LAWFUL: We can search for specific transactions for due diligence. If we ever have to go to court, we can proove we made every effort to verify a person's age and validate the ID.

Inside the Swipe Bar

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The Hardware:
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The Software:
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