How We Might Use It:

*SAVINGS: Recomend specialty drinks at discounts to SuperSwiper customers based on past purchases.

*SATISFACTION: Tailor nightly entertainment based on careful analysis of customer data.

*LOVE: Organize "blind dates" based on careful analysis of customer data.

*PREVENTION: Automatically "cut off" customers if they near what we think is a dangerous blood alcohol level.

*SECURITY: Protect Swipe from potential lawsuits or help local police with investigations.

*INCOME: Sell parts of our database to interested third-parties.

Inside the Swipe Bar

Intro to Inside the Swipe Bar

The Hardware:
State of the Art
With One Swipe
Where it Works
Is it Legal?
Magnetic Stripe or Barcode?
Other Options
Extra Features

The Software:
What it Does
What it Really Does
Data Capture
Computer Matching
How We Use It
How We Might Use It
How Others Could Use It