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Here at Swipe, several third parties have approached us about the availability of our data. At this time it is not legal to share or sell the data we derive from drivers' licenses, although there is no strict oversight as far as we can tell. You see, data protection laws are pretty weak in the United States and powerful commercial and federal organizations are constantly undermining what remains. We will always stick to the law, although we won't be surprised if someday this data becomes totally free!

There currently is one exception to this "no sharing" rule and that's law enforcement. U.S. law enforcement officers can access our database and they can do so without judicial review or constitutional safeguards. We have even heard of some businesses just handing over their data to law enforcement without ever being asked. This is probably because the current political climate suggests that with more data there is better national security. And, as we all know, nothing trumps the national security card.

Examples of businesses and organizations that have expressed interest in our Swipe database include insurance companies, liquor distributors, a PTA (Parent Teacher Association), event planning association, direct marketing association, television broadcasters alliance, prenatal care assistance program and

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