Intro to Inside the Swipe Bar:

The following pages are an up-close view of the technologies that make Swipe Bar so special. We don't have to let you in on our little secret or show you what's "under the hood," but we thought you might like to know. We think it's pretty interesting and we have a hunch you may too.

But...shhh, don't tell anybody where you learned so much. Most companies and federal agencies like to keep data collection practices under pretty tight wraps.

Inside the Swipe Bar

Intro to Inside the Swipe Bar

The Hardware:
State of the Art
With One Swipe
Where it Works
Is it Legal?
Magnetic Stripe or Barcode?
Other Options
Extra Features

The Software:
What it Does
What it Really Does
Data Capture
Computer Matching
How We Use It
How We Might Use It
How Others Could Use It